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StillAlive Droid


StillAlive Droid is a 2D puzzle plat-former inspired by Portal, so the same mechanism are to be found.
It’s the android version of my Javascript game : StillAlive JS (click link to play)

You have to grab all the cakes of a given level to be able to reach the exit.
To do so, you are given a Portal Gun which allows you to launch portals on walls to be able to teleport yourself elsewhere. A simple touch on screen launches the blue portal, and a longer touch launches the red one. Then, you just have to enter one of the portals to go into the other.

During your trip, you’ll find various elements such as switches, plasma balls, acid pools, deadly turrets …

Each game level contains highscores to beat. Among them are the “author times” I personally made. Beat them to be considered the best !

Demonstration version gives you the possibility to try some levels in the first world.
Full version contains more elements and 60 levels !

Demo version :
Demo version QR CODE

Full Version (0.89€) :
Full version QR CODE

5 Responses to “StillAlive Droid

  1. Hello developer,

    We added your game Still Alive JS to our website

    You can find the entry on – and vote for it ;) .

    In return we would love a backlink from you.
    Multiple banners and textlinks are on

    Thank you very much in advance
    and greetings from Germany

    The team

  2. Hello! This is just an FYI. I’ve tried purchasing StillAlive Droid via the Android market & it keeps crashing. Not the game,the actual purchase. Other programs I buy have no problem so I’m not sure if its a problem specific to your account with them, or a problem with the marketplace in general. Love the free version but would like to buy the full one.


    • t4ils

      Hey :)

      Don’t know where the problem comes from. Other people don’t have problem buying the game :/
      Hope you’ll be able to solve that issue ;)

      Thanks for playing my games !

  3. Alexey

    Hi, developer(s). I tried to play demo on xperia x1, and had some problems with hud. The point of touching is wrong (Can be at near 50 pixels from point where i taped, and I don’t know where). And no problems with shooting. Can you fix it? Or add hardware d-pad.

    • t4ils

      Hi Alexey,

      I don’t know where this problem comes from. The same system is used to touch HUD or shoot portals.
      Is there any known issues with the multitouch capability of your phone ?
      When you talk about HUD, do you refer to the menu or the ingame buttons ? (move, jump …)


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