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Jumping Slime 1.2.0

I just saw that a lot of people are experiencing force close while playing the game.
I just released a new version (1.2.0) which should hopefully correct that issue.

Have fun playing Jumping Slime :)

7 Responses to “Jumping Slime 1.2.0

  1. Sean

    Just wondering how long did it take you to learn to build this game using LibGdx or how long it take you to learn LibGdx and what tools did you also use to build your game :) ?


    • t4ils

      Hey Sean :)

      Sorry for approving your message that late, didn’t see it in my mail box -_-

      This game was created in something like 1 month for creation, and 1 month for tweaks and gameplay balancing. I already knew LibGdx since I used it in Still Alive Droid, my first LibGdx game.

      Learning LibGDX the first time was not that hard : it’s just drawing images on screen. It took me 1-2 months to understand how LibGdx works, while creating Still Alive Droid.

      To create the game, I used Eclipse IDE, LibGdx and the android SDK.
      I generated sounds thanks to that application : sfxr

      Feel free to ask other questions :)

  2. Denis

    Hello, is there a version for iOs?

    • t4ils

      Hi :)

      There are no other versions than the Android one, sorry :)
      I might create an iOS version some day, but I’m not sure at the moment.

  3. elegenteeeee

    Hello t4ils,
    I really like this game. if u take a look into the highscore “All” then u will notice that i am under the top 5 in this game. Some friends of mine are playing this game to and we are battleing each other always to be the first in the scores :P
    But since the cheaters hacked ur game it became not interestint anymore. just take a look into the top 3. its just can u please remove them from the Scores? I think many people will agree with my opinion.. and i hope u do the same. best regards


    • t4ils

      Hey elegenteeeee (too much eeeeeeee ^^)

      Thank you for playing my game =D
      I just get rid of those cheated highscores, and guess what … you’re now in first position overall ^^

      Thank you for your support ;)

  4. bonjour,
    mon anglais n’est pas très bon alors je préfère écrire dans ma langue natale.
    C’est juste un message de sympathie pour le créateur de ce jeu que je trouve très reussi.
    Pour les hackers, ne peux tu pas générer un code qui active le score que si tu es passe par le jeu. C’est une idée comme ça sans bien savoir comment ça marche.
    Encore merci.

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