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Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

As promised, here is the new Tap ‘n’ Crash update !

Changelog :

1.3.0 :
- 7th World with a new gameplay element
- Xperia Play Optimized
- Bug fixes

If you have a Xperia Play, you’ll be able to navigate menu with D-Pad, confirm selection with X and go back with O. Buttons are drawn on screen to show action shortcuts.

Enjoy ;)

2 Responses to “Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

  1. Benjamin

    Hey, i love Tap ‘n’ Crash…just wanted to ask if u could make it for iphone/ipod too? or maybe u already working for it? :)

  2. t4ils

    Hi Benjamin :)

    I’m not planning on making it for iphone/ipod at the moment.
    Even if I have the possibility to make it (I own a Mac, and an Ipod), I’m sticking to the android version of the game :)

    Maybe in a future ^^

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