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Next Update : Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

Next update is coming … soon =D
It will ship a 7th world (not done yet) with a new gameplay mechanism I thought about. Won’t tell anything yet, you’ll just see it in due time ;)

In other news, I just received my new android phone : a Sony Xperia Play !
So, you can be sure that the next update will bring you 100% compatible Xperia Play gameplay. Jump with X, browse menus with arrows, use start to pause game … usual stuffs you want when using a d-pad and physical buttons :)

But, that’s not all … Since I own 2 android devices now, there is something I’d like to experiment on Tap ‘n’ Crash for a later release. It can be resumed in one word … “bluetooth”.

Stay tuned =D

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