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Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

As promised, here is the new Tap ‘n’ Crash update !

Changelog :

1.3.0 :
- 7th World with a new gameplay element
- Xperia Play Optimized
- Bug fixes

If you have a Xperia Play, you’ll be able to navigate menu with D-Pad, confirm selection with X and go back with O. Buttons are drawn on screen to show action shortcuts.

Enjoy ;)

Tap ‘n’ Crash next update and Jumping Slime bugfix

I just discovered that highscores were not working anymore in Jumping Slime. It was a database problem I just resolved. You can know try to be the best in the world again ! \o/

Concerning the next Tap ‘n’ Crash update, it’s taking longer than planned. I’m currently working on the ultimate final exam of my student life. Big pressure !!

But don’t worry, I’ve already done 4 new levels (new gameplay element !!) and the xperia play controls are working flawlessly :)

See you in a next post.

Next Update : Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

Next update is coming … soon =D
It will ship a 7th world (not done yet) with a new gameplay mechanism I thought about. Won’t tell anything yet, you’ll just see it in due time ;)

In other news, I just received my new android phone : a Sony Xperia Play !
So, you can be sure that the next update will bring you 100% compatible Xperia Play gameplay. Jump with X, browse menus with arrows, use start to pause game … usual stuffs you want when using a d-pad and physical buttons :)

But, that’s not all … Since I own 2 android devices now, there is something I’d like to experiment on Tap ‘n’ Crash for a later release. It can be resumed in one word … “bluetooth”.

Stay tuned =D