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Jumping Slime 1.2.0

I just saw that a lot of people are experiencing force close while playing the game.
I just released a new version (1.2.0) which should hopefully correct that issue.

Have fun playing Jumping Slime :)

Tap ‘n’ Crash next update and Jumping Slime bugfix

I just discovered that highscores were not working anymore in Jumping Slime. It was a database problem I just resolved. You can know try to be the best in the world again ! \o/

Concerning the next Tap ‘n’ Crash update, it’s taking longer than planned. I’m currently working on the ultimate final exam of my student life. Big pressure !!

But don’t worry, I’ve already done 4 new levels (new gameplay element !!) and the xperia play controls are working flawlessly :)

See you in a next post.

Blog Creation

Welcome to Tales of the Two t4iled Fox, the blog I’ll be using to post some infos about my android games !

My latest release is the 1.2.1 Version of Tap ‘n’ Crash, go check it out, it’s lovely frustrating !

But don’t forget to check my other two games, Jumping Slime and StillAlive Droid !