Android game development

Jumping Slime 1.2.0

I just saw that a lot of people are experiencing force close while playing the game.
I just released a new version (1.2.0) which should hopefully correct that issue.

Have fun playing Jumping Slime :)

Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

As promised, here is the new Tap ‘n’ Crash update !

Changelog :

1.3.0 :
- 7th World with a new gameplay element
- Xperia Play Optimized
- Bug fixes

If you have a Xperia Play, you’ll be able to navigate menu with D-Pad, confirm selection with X and go back with O. Buttons are drawn on screen to show action shortcuts.

Enjoy ;)

Tap ‘n’ Crash next update and Jumping Slime bugfix

I just discovered that highscores were not working anymore in Jumping Slime. It was a database problem I just resolved. You can know try to be the best in the world again ! \o/

Concerning the next Tap ‘n’ Crash update, it’s taking longer than planned. I’m currently working on the ultimate final exam of my student life. Big pressure !!

But don’t worry, I’ve already done 4 new levels (new gameplay element !!) and the xperia play controls are working flawlessly :)

See you in a next post.

Next Update : Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.3.0

Next update is coming … soon =D
It will ship a 7th world (not done yet) with a new gameplay mechanism I thought about. Won’t tell anything yet, you’ll just see it in due time ;)

In other news, I just received my new android phone : a Sony Xperia Play !
So, you can be sure that the next update will bring you 100% compatible Xperia Play gameplay. Jump with X, browse menus with arrows, use start to pause game … usual stuffs you want when using a d-pad and physical buttons :)

But, that’s not all … Since I own 2 android devices now, there is something I’d like to experiment on Tap ‘n’ Crash for a later release. It can be resumed in one word … “bluetooth”.

Stay tuned =D

Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.2.3.

Tap ‘n’ Crash 1.2.3. has just been released.
It should support Xperia play slider (I don’t have any possibility to verify this. Let me know if it’s still not working). You also should be able to use X button to jump.

This update comes with 11 new levels. This 6th world was designed to be very, very hard ! Still, it’s perfectly possible to finish it with 0 death in each level.

As a last modification, you can switch GFX effects on and off in the pause menu, along with muting/unmuting sounds. You won’t need to go the main menu while playing anymore ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy this update :)

Popularity news and other stuffs

According to custom stats, Tap ‘n’ Crash is my most downloaded title on a daily basis. I have an average of 600 downloads a day (ranging from 400 to 900). Thank you all for downloading my game :)

But I’m meeting some problems right now with the game. Some of you might experience random crashes I’m unaware of. If you can, I’d be glad to receive your crash reports to be able to analyze them and, hopefully, correct them.

One bug I’m aware of concerns the Xperia Play. It seems that when people open the slider, the game simply crashes. I’m looking to correct that bug as fast as possible. Right now, I’m investigating to find where it might come from.

On a lighter note, I’ll try to include Xperia Play buttons support :)

Stay tuned !

Tap ‘N’ Crash 1.2.2

A bugfix version has been released on the market : 1.2.2
It tries to fix the problem some users are experiencing while waking up from sleep.
Sometimes, the game just throw an “array out of bound exception” and crashes … It seems to be due to the skin system going offset for unknown reasons. The current fix is just forcing the skin to default one if any error appears.

I hope people experiencing crashes will be able to play the game :)
Have fun !

Blog Creation

Welcome to Tales of the Two t4iled Fox, the blog I’ll be using to post some infos about my android games !

My latest release is the 1.2.1 Version of Tap ‘n’ Crash, go check it out, it’s lovely frustrating !

But don’t forget to check my other two games, Jumping Slime and StillAlive Droid !